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About Us

Software Development & Technology

Metalcorp Technologies Ltd is a Software Development, IT consulting and Training Company, Focused on creating robust and cost effective software and technology solutions across UK and Worldwide. We utilise our experience and partnership with world leading companies to deliver scalable, resilient and responsive software solutions.


Training helps you make the most of your investment in IT. Having employees who know how to do things properly will make your company more efficient We offer a friendly, focussed training service delivered by highly experienced IT trainers.

We give our customers the right skills to work confidently and competently.


Development and Consulting:

From small business to large business, regardless of industry type, our team of highly trained developers and consultants will ensure we meet your requirements and help business reduce cost whilst increasing efficiency.

We specialize in developing innovative software products for other software and technology companies, and we’re considered the software outsourcing partner of choice by many companies. We have a vast technical skill set and extensive experience developing custom software solutions across a range of platforms and technologies, including Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux, .Net, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, SOA iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Windows Phone, Palm webOS, Symbian OS and other mobile embedded systems.

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